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Stock and Res Updates July 2014

Thu Jul 10, 2014, 4:08 PM

Stock & Resources DD Roundup June 2014

Stock and Resources DD Roundup June 2014:iconpiratelotus-stock:
Features by PirateLotus-Stock

Hill Stock 01 by thereexistsonex
Texture 65 by NinjaRabbit-Stock
Liquid gold by dani221
Frost Window (zip collection) by TanyuuuPadawan-11 by Random-Acts-Stock
Features by CelticStrm-Stock
dw-II by mistyt-stock
fly by jliorFemale Stock Soldier 06 - Aiming by Freeport
sunset2 by Margaritamorrigan
Medieval Lady Maid Riding Stock by LuDa-Stock
Poor Man's Eye Tutorial -Insertion part 1 by Dolanna

Congratulations, kirilee!

Seniority Announcement - July 2014
This article marks the latest additions to the dizzy height of Senior members in our community. With just over 1000 deviants holding the highly saught after Senior Member accolade -- it's clearly a moment that deserves recognition.
So what does it take to become a Senior? That's a question many have asked and have never really been able to get a straight answer on. Some have gained Seniority as a thank you for their time spent as a Volunteer, or to recognise their contribution to a particular project or collaborative action. Some have gained Seniority because of their community spirit, providing help and assistance to many other deviants and taking time out to promote the work of others in the community. 
Some people have received Seniority because of their artistic endevours, having a positive influence on their peers by sharing resources, providing constructive criticism and by being a voice that stands out

Contests, News, and Features

Elementals ContestEarth, Fire, Water, Air, and Uranium? What's this? A CONTEST? My challenge for you is to create a stock and/or art piece depicting elementals whether it be the personification of the traditional elements or the newfangled chemistry elements. I want to see your creativity!
There are no required stocks and the contest is open to stockers, traditional artists, and digital artists.
Clarification: You can depict as many of the elements as you wish in your entry whether it be one or many.

There are three categories:
Stock Images
Art: Traditional
Art: Digital
The last day for contest entry submission is August 31, 2014 at 11:59pm. To submit your entry either comment on this journal or send me them via note.
1. Only one entry per category. You may enter multiple categories
2. All stock and resources used must be credited properly and from valid sources.
3. All entries must follow DeviantART guidelines
4. Please no nsf
  Exciting Stock News
(Display and Photo: Nadya Bennett)
My stock has been used in the giraffe exhibit at the Colombus Zoo in Ohio!
The two reticulated giraffe photographs on the display are my stock images. I was contacted by the zoo's graphic designer, Nadya Bennett several months ago about using the images and I was thrilled. I love zoos and environmental education. The exhibit opened late May and I just got the photos from Nadya Bennett. So I'm pretty happy about this because who would have thunk? 
The stock images used:
What have been some of your exciting stock uses?
Also I am planning an art/stock contest with the theme of "Elementals". I'll have the details out next week for ya'll
  Stock Radar #8

3663 - NRM Stephensons Steam Rocket 2 by HelenaRothStock
Ardennes 15 by Colourize-Stock
Steampunk Absinthe Fairy Exclusives 21 -400 points by mizzd-stock STOCK ~ Red Velvet by SoniaJosie
Rose Maiden 01 by KittyTheCat-Stock
Texture 100 by Malleni-Stock
Tangled 2 by kirilee STOCK - Persian Fantasy by Apsara-Art
Boat 03 by cemacStock
Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger Teaser by PirateLotus-Stock enfant 7 by Jules171
Galapagos Tortoise Stock 02 by Vesperity
model stock/natural light by ArtbyHope

Lovely works with my stocksIn this journal beautiful works using my stocks !! I'm sooo happy ! :dance: :w00t:

Red Riding Hood by petronellavanreeThe Hermit by Kurtzan
Water Fairy -Vizitunder 2 by ladyjudinaThe Messengers by ShortCircuit123End Of The Day by ElementOfOne1
Live your Dreams by KurtzanW E L C O M E by Antonio-FigueiredoIrrational by AnnMarcus63
Return of life by jresinSavanah Sunrise by amethystmoonsongA Quiet Moment by CrystalClear-Art
Mystic by graysonwillisOnce Upon a Time (Version 2) by BBstar7Afternoon Walk by JiaJenn31
Best friends by pepexxSeagull 2 by PaintwickDolphin dance Wallpaper version by RazielMB
modern life by beyzayildirim77Spooky Hollow by needcaffinePearler-Gyongyhalasz 2 by ladyjudina
Memories Are There Just When You Need Them by theartofdarrenvannoyBeyond Dreams by photoxxGak Ada Yang Mustahil (Nothing Is Impossible) by affant
I have a dream by tryskellMelody bubbles by Altair-EMacaws by M-Everham
merlin artwork by ektapinki2 by CrookMiaoThis Is The End by maiarcita
Summer Song by FoxfiresThe nature in our hands by CharllieeArtsRenard by CookissCreations
Through the clouds by elyioTarot- The Emperor by wintersmagicCarousel by tekila918
Alice In Wonderland by ElementOfOne1The Lovers by chertan-korakiMother Earth by SweetHeartBabie
Summer Fun in Sea by annemaria48Solitude by noro8
- NEW : you can print on DA your works using my stocks !:s
Wonderful Art Created with Our Stock - Feature 40Thank you all very much :heart:

Oil Spill by morcanthius
Dream by talewhisper
Duality of Souls [rorrim eht dniheb] by gedaba
Secret Garden by RankaStevic
Summer Beach by UweG
This is our Home Now by A-Wakefield
Tree House by vaniapaiva
Two Worlds by VelaniArt
The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania by Redilion
The Old House by vaniapaiva
Step Lightly by theheek
Frozen by pipecleanermonkey
Foreign by valerie911
The Great Adventure by mydas5
Memories Are There Just When You Need Them by theartofdarrenvannoy
Once Upon A Time by LitQueen1975
Her Vacation Selfie by A-Wakefield
La Princesa Guerrera by Energiaelca1
Winning Colors Farm by xxtgxxstock
Castillo de Belvis de Monroy by Daid-27
Am I Wrong? by HorsesRule8
Desert Rush - Horse Pic by elegantegraphics
Stock Use June 2014:happy-wave:  Heeeeeeey everybody ! 
Again it's time for the monthly Stock Use Feature ! :excited: 
 the patriot by Bela-designs Just Playing V.2 by JiaJenn31
Child of the Night by Psychepics The Dragon by VampireDarlla G: THE WORLD IS WATCHING by HowlingKnight
El Jardin de Aime by DenysRoqueDesign Melodia Angelical by DenysRoqueDesign Abandoned by pjenz
Gothic Girl by JiaJenn31 Lost by cambulak A new Elf at waterfall by JiaJenn31
solar Maid by pono4evnaya
Here is a new digital composing made by myself in June 2014
Terror from the deep by ArkanumTenebrae
Thank to all a

The Unseen Stock - June (ll):heart: :+fav: :heart: :+fav: :heart:
I hope you enjoy these underappreciated stock photos as much as I do! :love:
If you like the journal please add it to your favourites so more people can see it :hug:



Pisqah Green Wizard 2011-05-24 67 by skydancer-stock Snow Princess Stock 3 by kayleeehall Little Wizardess Preview by RachgracehStock Tangled 2 by kirilee Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger 4 by PirateLotus-Stock

Stock Use Feature - June:heart:

Migration by ShortCircuit123 FANTASTIC FOREST by Noxart-graphics Key to my heart-Kulcs a szivemhez by ladyjudina My Lady 2 by ladyjudina
Lady Cat by blaird83 A small insight into the world of fairies by mrscats Landscape_remake by IgnisFatuusII Water Fairy -Vizitunder 2 by ladyjudina
Starry Night by FantasyArt0102
  Feeling a little over the moon at the moment...G'day everyone!
I thought I would share my good news with you.
Today I entered into the Western Australian Heats for the Madman National Cosplay Championships - there were a total of 7 entrants; the most from any state and the most WA has ever had.
The competition was fierce and I entered with my Lady Elizabeth Midford cosplay, doing a skit about 4 tips for capturing the heart of a prospective love interest (of course they were completely unhelpful).

I mean come on, does she look like a character you should take seriously? :P

Anyway.... I WON!

I was not expecting it at all. It was a massive surprise - they caught it on video so I'm sure my reaction will be available on youtube in a couple of days.
In short, it was awesome. This was the first major cosplay contest that I've enter

New Cosplay Facebook PageG'day everyone,
Just a heads up that I have created a new facebook page for my cosplays. I will still be uploading them on here as stock, but I will be uploading WIPs there and showing any commissions I do on there too. (Yes, I am opening up the gates for commissions - a scary gate - but I figure if something is too complicated and I don't feel comfortable that I will be able to achieve it, I can tell the person in advance) :)
Please check it out and like!
Much love!

Caption: You will go to facebook and like my page.
Beyond The Mirror - Winners FeatureHey everyone!
This is a journal feature for the amazing stock artists who won the stock challenge 'Beyond The Mirror'. Please go and check their galleries out and show them some love.
1st Place - :iconpanopticon-stock:

2nd Place - :iconHiddenYume-stock:
  Red Pirate Roberts 18 by HiddenYume-stock Mucha Inspired - Ivy Reclined 8 by HiddenYume-stock
3rd Place - :iconThe-Lionface:
Dagona 29 by The-Lionface Bedsheet Ghost 13 by The-Lionface Reclining Princess 1 by The-Lionface  Alison Gross Puppet Mistress 3 by The-Lionface Cassandra 71 by The-Lionface Tooth Fairy 23 by The-Lionface
Congrats to all the winners! Keep on making great stock and don't ever stop being so great :D
Art Made with My Stock - Feature 18Though I'd better do a feature, even though I'm away, otherwise I won't be able to catch up with you all :giggle:
Thank you so much for all the art :hug: it's truly appreciated

On The Cliffs by OtoriReka
Sea-Side-Sonata by EnchantedWhispersArt
When the universe conspires II by RazielMB
Free like an eagle ..... by mrscats
Brotherslaying by Gejda
Early Grave by Andaelentari
Saint Michael by theartofdarrenvannoy
Hitmonji by gamotomounisoumalaka
Summer Time by annemaria48
Track Racing by TheCallyBear
Another World by JiLLy-Bee
Mystical Night Forest by elgriego
A gift for you by TinaLouiseUk
The journey to the tree of life by SweetHeartBabie
Dusk by DamianDarkArts
The Great Adventure by mydas5
Rosie by virgolinedancer

Book cover challenge - Country LassHi, below are the images you can work with. Make sure if you use other stock as well from someone else, that commercial use is allowed. That's a must.
To enter, post your artwork here in the comments. Try and keep them as close to portrait format as opposed to square or landscape; around 20cm width x 30cm height. Don't worry about doing the text, I'll sort that out later with the finalist images unless you really like doing it. Limited to five entries per person. Deadline in two weeks, 14 July New Zealand time (remember New Zealand is one or two days ahead of the rest of the world).
NO asking friends, etc through polls, messages or notes to vote - lets keep it fair.
Then we'll have some polls and I will display the poll winners images in the gallery on Facebook for sale.

:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletred:  :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink::bulletgreen: :bul
Summer, Sun and Fun - Challenge- Update        Theme : Summer, Sun & Fun - Challenge
I returned from my holidays to the Canary Islands. I brought back some stocks, but not so many, I relaxed a lot and enjoyed the sun and the silence in my hotel. I´m sad that the week is over, but it was so wonderful for me. I will post some new stocks soon. Most I took from the dunes of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), the sea and plants :D
And one word to my theme of this challenge. Please, your entry have not to be a funny work (I read a conversation under one work, so I want to clearify this). You can also create a work with a silent and a moment full of harmony or something like that. I haven´t given you all fun-stocks, so I think everything is possible to create and fun means for ev
The dAWishingWell Scavenger Hunt 2014This is the time for a scavenger hunt!

The Quest
12 piles of coins are hidden in different part of dAWishingWell, TheWellWriter, TheWishingWidget and WishReviewTeam. Each pile of coins lead to a file with a trivia question about dAWishingWell. You get game points for finding the coins (called checkpoints) and game points for answering the questions. The winners will be those who will gather the most game points. Once you gathered all the checkpoints and found the answers of the trivia questions, send a note to the group. For each checkpoint, you must provide: A link to the checkpoint, a mention of where you found it and the answer to the question.
The Rules
:bulletgreen: Do not answer the questions in the or you will be disqualifi

Beautiful Art Made With My Stock IV                 
  Gypsy caravan by Kiorsa  Hell : The Power Of Love by FantasyArt0102  Mystic Room by mimi-san3  Pirate by leslie632  Casterly Rock by ElegantWaster  Story of a Shoe by Elsapret  The Power Of The Dragons by Stanislav-1985  Abandoned by jimo66
Taking Flight by JadziaVu  Creator of Seasons by nova63  Murderface by REIGNLESS  Dinnertime by ShortCircuit123  Wish I Can Fly by axymaid  The Old Cottage Premade by WDWParksGal  Beach dragon by MaSi-83  Who I Truly Am by Gman513  yeah my baby's pretty as a car crash by forever-halloween
Demona by CARAMELLE2008  Dark music by aaen90  By the window... by thanosvas  Inferno by annemaria48 
Extreme Exclusives Sale - Almost Over!¨¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨¨¨
:flame: I am having an 'Extreme Exclusives Sale'! :flame:
Sale is almost over!
So act fast if you still plan to take advantage of it :love: ;)
Donate :bulletorange: 35 USD to my Stock Costume Fund
- and pick 5 of my exclusive packs
of you own choice!!
(That's an awesome 7 USD per pack!)

Donate :bulletred: 50 USD to my Stock Costume Fund
- and pick 10 of my exclusive packs
of you own choice!!
(That's an awesome 5 USD per pack!)

Picks can also be saved for future packs
Se full exclusives gallery here:
Post Below
:pointr: Donate via Paypal here:
Watcher Challenge!I want to hold a photomanipulation contest! The winner will receive 100 :points: and a feature in my journal and free commission :)
Here are the rules:
Use these four stock photos:
and must use at least three other stock photos.
Deadline:  July 12th 2014
Please send a link of your submission in the comments below. Good luck!

My steampunk Contest starts NOWIt's really long time ago I hold my last contest, so now it's time for a new one I think!
The theme:
"A Steampunk Fairytale"
The Rules:
1. Pick an image of my stockaccount :iconMADmoiselleMelistock:
 (the rules for using are written under every single image)

and there are much more :heart:
2. Edit, manipulate, draw what ever is into your imagination (participating cathegories are digital and traditional art) .
3. Don't miss a credit and link back to every single stock you use (if not I'm sorry you can't be part of the competition)
4. You can enter only with one entry.
5. The contest deathline is the 1st of september 2014.
6. Link back to this journal entry when you submit your entry :heart:
7. Have fun :heart:
The Prizes:
1. place:

You'll recieve this wonderfull handcrafted fascinator by
You can choose your own theme

(I prefer : surreal, fantasy, conceptual, dark, macabre, horror, psychedelic. CD-cover or book cover format are allowed)
Only exception: no emotional and no people ( not just a woman on background )
Medium: Photomanipulation or Mixed Media

Please do read the full submission rules before submitting your entry

This contest is only open to my watchers

Your artwork must be new and created for this contest

You must use my stock images to create your artwork
You are allowed to use ONLY ONE stock image from my stocker-friends

:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: [Post Below] [Post Below]
:iconybsilon-stock: :iconevelivesey:

What questions do you have about stock?

Is there something stock-related, or being a stock provider that you would like to know more about?

Stock and Resources Updates for July 2014
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